I am impressed by your service and advice. Please can we order one of the 502E-AUs you have in stock. It is dry and hot down here and my son is keen to resurrect the court, which I have neglected since they left home. Follow up: Bloody good machine! 2 passes on the lowest setting. 2nd pass with catcher. Thank you. That beautiful machine saved hours of back breaking labour. – John Pederson (Somers, VIC)     Just thought I would drop you a quick email of thanks! The 141E-AU arrived here today, so, as we are still in lockdown over here, it was put together in 5 minutes and has been test driven on a small patch already. A superb little machine – exactly what I was looking for! In 30 seconds it did a job that would have taken me 5 minutes (and a lot more sweat!) to do with a stiff broom. I appreciate all your help and getting it over to me here in NZ. Cheers mate! – Bevin Adamson (Auckland, NZ)    “Wonderful tool for brushing your artificial grass, gets all the little bits up ready for sweeping off then the pile is nice and upright again. Would recommend if you have artificial grass.”     “Hi, my roll and comb 302e-au came today – what an awesome bit of kit – Love it. Can’t believe how powerful it is and how much debris it picks up.” – Many Thanks, Mark Hutchins. (Geraldton WA)    “We gave our new Roll & Comb 302E-AU a run this afternoon and it was fabulous! If anyone asks if it can handle palm frond detritus (long strips of shredded palm fronds) it sure can! Our grass looks like the day it was laid. Thank you so much for all your help, we are very happy customers.” – Sandra and Bruce (Parrearra, Sunshine Coast)
Clean synthetic grass in a single pass

Roll&Comb 141E-AU

Save time and effort sweeping and cleaning your artificial grass.

Light, effective and manageable. The 141 series removes surface debris easily whilst brushing and raising the pile at the same time. The more pressure applied the deeper the clean.

Recommended for cleaning synthetic turf surfaces up to 75m²

220V Electric Motor 40cm Working Width Easy assembly with foldable handle.

Roll&Comb 141W-AU

Clean leaves, seeds and other debris from your synthetic lawn whilst combing and lifting the pile.

The lightweight design of the 141 series with adjustable grip makes it a breeze to operate in the correct working position for your grass.

Recommended for cleaning artificial grass surfaces up to 75m²

18V Lithium Battery 22 minutes battery life (approx.) 40cm Working Width Easily assembled foldable handle.

Roll&Comb 302E-AU

Cleans synthetic turf and lifts the pile in a single pass.

The revolutionary handlebar with oscillating arm allows for effortless, single handed operation of the 302 series. Super easy assembly.

Adjustable comb height caters for different grass pile heights and for varying the intensity of the clean. Brushing system directs waste into the collection bag.

Recommended for artificial grass surfaces up to 100m²

220V Electric Engine 25L Bag 32cm Working Width Foldable Handle.

Roll&Comb 502E-AU

Cleans your artificial grass of leaves, small twigs and other debris whilst simultaneously combing and lifting the pile.

Brushing system sends the waste to the collection bag.

Adjustable operating height to vary the intensity of the comb.

Recommended for artificial grass surfaces up to 250m²

220V Electric Engine 40L Bag 40cm Working Width Foldable Handlebar.

Roll&Comb 602W-AU

The latest battery powered sweeper for grooming artificial grass. 1,200w 40V motor, featuring twin battery docks for optional continuous operation for up to 60 minutes (dependent on density and pile height of grass). The Roll & Comb 602W boasts a highly rigid steel frame, ergonomic, anti-vibration folding handlebars and a good sized debris catcher.

Recommended for artificial grass surfaces above 200m²

45L Collection Bag 40cm working width Rotary brush height setting on chassis Grab handle for portability.

Roll&Comb 602QG

Power and efficiency for bigger synthetic lawns.

Ideal for the commercial, educational and sports sectors amongst others, that need to maintain larger areas of artificial turf.

The brush design and engine power allow for optimum cleaning in a single pass.

Recommended for artificial grass surfaces above 250m²

4-Stroke Garland Engine Brushing System sends the waste to the 45L collection Bag 40cm Working Width Foldable Handlebar.