Features are the same as the Roll & Comb 302E-AU but the W model utilises an 18v rechargeable lithium battery for its power source. Designed to maintain artificial grass. The Roll & Comb 302 range helps remove leaves, bark and other debris from the lawn whilst simultaneously combing and lifting the pile of the grass. The unique and revolutionary handlebar with oscillating arm allows effortless single-handed operation. Includes adjustable operating height and 25L capacity collection bag. Recommended for synthetic grass areas up to 100m2.

Electric Engine (V):18

Maintenance-free electric engine

Polypropylene Chassis

Nylon roller

Tool-free folding handlebar

Centered height

25L Fabric bag

Battery charge (min):22
Working Width (cm):32
Depth (mm):0-10
Bag (L):25
Weight (kg)9

10.5 kg


27.5cm x 55cm x 46cm